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How to Design a Composite Deck that Beats the Heat

We know the feeling. You dream all winter about what it will be like when the sun comes out and you can spend time lounging on deck or barbecuing with friends and family in your outdoor living space. But when summer finally arrives, it seems as if there is a short window of perfect weather to spend time on your deck before the boards get too hot to stand on. If you are like us, this can put a drag on summer plans for enjoying the great outdoors.

It’s time we take back summer and live it up on the deck. So, here are our best tips for building a deck that beats the heat and lets you get more out of your outdoor living space when the sun is out.

Start with the right base

It’s no secret that composite decking provides a great alternative to natural wood in terms of durability and ease of maintenance. However, simply choosing composites shouldn’t be the only decision you make when it comes to your deck.

It is also important to take into account the surface temperature of your deck. With the sun beating down on your deck during the summer, the boards can at times become too uncomfortable to walk on. Choosing a product like ChoiceDek Premium, which is engineered with CoolDeck® technology, can significantly reduce the surface temperature of your deck. We created CoolDeck® technology to optimize heat reflection and minimize heat absorption, resulting in a deck that is much more comfortable underfoot on hot summer days.

Play in the shade

If you want to create a deck that allows you to entertain guests at any time of day, especially if your deck is on the south side of your house and subject to longer hours of direct sunlight, a shade screen can be a great addition. Shade screens like pergolas, trellises and breezy fabrics don’t take up any of your deck space, so they allow you to maximize usable room and get the most out of your deck. Better yet, they allow you to live a casual, summer lifestyle in comfort and style.


Under cover

A classic, yet viable option for savoring time on your deck when the sun is blazing is to add a freestanding umbrella. Whether you gather around the table for a delicious meal or seek shade to play a board game, an umbrella is a cost-effective and easy solution for extending summer hours on deck. Adjustable umbrellas can be raised, lowered or angled to block the sun from any direction. Not only does this allow you and your guests to enjoy your deck in the shade, but choosing the right umbrella can be the perfect accent piece to bring color to your deck design.

Multi-level living

Another great way to provide shade for your deck is through the deck itself. For many sloped yards or two story homes, a multi-level deck is not only a beautiful design choice, it can also provide you with multiple fronts to enjoy your deck. When the sun is at its peak during the day, there is no need to head inside to avoid direct sunlight. Simply head down to a lower level that is shaded by an upper level. You can find relief from the hot summer sun all while enjoying your deck’s many different living spaces, all within your backyard.

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