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72" Maximum
Install deck boards. Boards may be flush with riser or extend
past the rise by 1-inch. Use two 2¼-inch #7 stainless steel trim
head screws per board per stringer.
Optional: Cut and install ‘kick boards’ (Deck boards) along
each stair rise.
Install post collars if desired.
Cut and install trim board on stringers if desired. Use
procedures in step #11.
Stair Railing
Cut post sleeve flush to deck
post height. Slip post sleeve
over lumber post. Sleeve should
fit snugly but have enough
room to allow for expansion of
the wood post.
Be sure post sleeves measure
no more than 72-inches from
outside at the angle of the
stairway when using as a stair
rail. Guard rail sections are sold
in 72-inch lengths and must be
trimmed to fit between the post
sleeves. Allow for decrease in
length from angle cuts.
Trim Board
Kick Board
Stair Stringers need to be 9-inches on center