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All you’ll need is a hammer, screw gun, circular saw
(carbide-tipped blade with fewer than 20 teeth is recommended),
level, tape measure, rasp and blue chalk line.
We recommend #7, 2¼-inch stainless steel trim head screws for
the decking and railing. Some parts of the railing require #8, 3-inch
stainless steel trim head screws. If you do not want the screw heads
to show on the deck boards use the following technique:
Step 1:
Using a #7, 2¼-inch
stainless steel trim head screw,
countersink the screw into the
decking material approximately
¼ of an inch.
Step 2:
Using your thumb,
lightly push the displaced
decking material over the hole
left by the trim head screw.
Step 3:
Tap with a hammer, this
will cover the trim head screw
with decking material.
Hidden Fasteners
Our products are compatible with most hidden fastener systems.
Please consult the installation instructions provided by the hidden
fastener manufacturer, or contact our Customer Service department
For your convenience, some common building code
requirements are reprinted here. Since local building codes
may vary, you must consult your specific building codes before
Residential minimum handrail height is generally 36-inches.
· Multi-family minimum handrail height is sometimes 42-inches.
· Baluster maximum spacing is generally 4-inches
(clear distance between balusters).
· Maximum gap between bottom rail and deck surface is generally
Some codes require a 2-inch maximum gap for multi-
family applications.
* For additional cleaning tips contact Customer Service at
or visit
Spacing note:
The precise language is generally “do not allow passage of a sphere 4-inch in diameter”. Be sure to check on the tolerance requirements of your local building code.
blade with fewer
than 20 teeth.
blade with fewer
than 20 teeth.
blade with fewer
than 20 teeth.
Using a 2-inch driver bit allows you to
better gauge screw depth.
Tap hole with edge of hammer for best results.
Manufacturer recommends blue chalk since other
colored chalk may temporarily stain the deck.
Prior to installation of decking and accessories, a standard 4” x 4” treated
post must be installed to the joist system per local code requirements. The
maximum spacing from center of post to center of post should be 72-inches.