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Layout and install joists at either 16-inch on-
center (OC) when decking will be installed
perpendicular to the joists, or 12-inch (OC) when
deck boards will be installed diagonally or at an
angle to the joists. Joists must be level.
Install ChoiceDek Decking using 2¼-inch, #7 stainless steel trim head screws, two
screws per board per joist recommended. Screws should be a minimum of ½-inch
from the board end to prevent potential splitting of the board.
Allow ¼-inch side-to-side spacing between deck boards. Allow ⅛-inch (or
greater) end-to-end spacing between end of boards (butt joints). If installing in
freezing weather, leave ¼-inch (butt joints).
Cut deck boards to fit around posts. Leave ⅛-inch gap between board and post.
Staggering the butt joints on long decks usually improves the overall appearance
of the finished deck. Some people also prefer a distinctive pattern for the deck
boards. To achieve an interesting design. Install a pattern board, which eliminate
butt joints.
Once the boards are in place, adjust the blade depth of your saw to match
the thickness of your deck boards. Use a blue chalk line to mark your cut and go
(review tips below for overhang options). To avoid temporarily staining the decking
boards, only use blue carpenter’s chalk. Rasp the edges to finish.
16" OC
12" OC
Post & Decking
Recommended spacing provides for proper
drainage and prevents buckling from normal
expansion and contraction.
1/8" Gap
1/4" Gap
Pattern Board
Double joist at butt joint to ensure
plenty of room for fasteners.
Pre-drill using a 7/64-inch bit when too close to
the edge to prevent splitting. Drive screw at a
slight angle into joist.
Router or rasp end of deck board using
¼-inch round for a finished look
Allow ³/₁₆-inch overhang for any rim
joist imperfections (straight)
If you choose not to use the trim board, maximum
recommended overhang is 1-inch