Page 6 - ChoiceDek Installation Guide

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Cut post sleeve flush to deck
post height. Slip post sleeve
over lumber post. Sleeve
should fit snugly but have
enough room to allow for
expansion of the wood post.
*See page 10 for installation
of a 45-degree railing and
page 11 for installation of
stair railing.
Slip post collar over post
onto deck.
Railing Orientation:
To use the railing, measure and cut the first 2x4 flush to the
inside length between the post sleeves. The speed rails allow the baluster to face
either toward or away from the deck depending on which way the consumer
prefers the rail system to be installed.
Cut two support blocks to the height you want the toe sweep (no
less than 2-inches nor greater than 4-inches. Refer to your building
code). Drill a lead hole with a ⅟8-inch drill bit in the center of the
support block until you reach 1½-inch from the bottom of the block.
Use one 2¼-inch #7 stainless steel trim head screw to fasten the
support block to the 2-inch side of the bottom rail spaced no more
than 24-inches from each post.
Set one 2x4 rail edge wise on blocks. Position 2x4 to account for
balusters facing toward the deck or away from the deck.
Measure 1-inch into the inside of post sleeve and place baluster
against post sleeve sitting with its end flush with the bottom of the
2x4 (1¼-inch side against the post).
Using two 3-inch #8 stainless steel trim head screws, secure
baluster to post sleeve, two screws at each end, and two additional
screws evenly spaced between the end of the connections.
Use two 2¼-inch #7 stainless steel trim head screws to secure the
bottom rail to the baluster.
Place second baluster against opposite post sleeve and repeat
steps C and D.
RAILING Installation
Use clamps to secure for easier installation.
Using scrap material between the clamps and railing
may help avoid clamp marks.