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Place second 2x4 flush with the top of the balusters and using two
2¼- inch #7 stainless steel trim head screws secure the baluster to
the top rail. Repeat this step on the opposite end.
Place finishing 2x4 over the top rail in a flat position (with 4-inch
side against 2-inch side of top rail). Outside edges of both 2x4’s
should be flush. Secure finishing 2x4 to top rail using one 3-inch #8
stainless steel trim head screw on each end and three additional
screws evenly spaced across the top of the finishing 2x4. Screws
should be centered into top rail with a minimum ¾-inch from the
edge of the flat 2x4.
Finishing Rail
Top Rail
Use the formula below to determine the amount of balusters you
need and the spacing between them. Measure the distance in
inches between the inside of one post baluster to the inside of the
other post baluster. This is your total space.
Divide the total space by 5, and round it off to a whole number.
This is the number of additional balusters you will need.
Multiply the value in (A) by 1.5 and subtract it from your
total space.
Divide the value in (B) by the value of (A+1). This is the spacing
between the balusters. You may want to cut two spacer blocks from
scrap material or a baluster, the same width as answer C and use
these two spacers at top and bottom to place each baluster.
4" max
4" max
4" max
Finishing Rail
Top Rail
If installing balusters that are not ChoiceDek
brand, please refer to the manufacturer's
installation instructions.