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Evenly space balusters on the inside of the top and bottom rails with
1½-inch side facing outward. Secure each baluster to the top and
bottom rails with one 2¼-inch #7 stainless steel trim head screws
at each rail. Balusters should be placed according to the required
building code but no more than 4-inches apart.
Additionally for a finished look, install trim boards over the rim
joists. Position flush with the top of the decking.
Attach using four 2¼-inch #7 stainless steel trim head screws.
One screw through the end or side of the decking and three
screws into the rim joist vertically. Repeat this step every 10-12
inches horizontally throughout the length of the trim board.
We recommend putting the screw through the thickest part
of the deck board (center between the top of the board and the
bottom of a rib) when attaching the trim board, then the other
three into the rim joist.
Rim Joist
Trim Board
Every 10-12 inches
Attach post caps to top of post.
Quality outdoor adhesive can be used for caps.
Our railing system is compatible with
most 2x4 railing connectors/brackets.
Please consult the installation instructions
provided by the railing connector/bracket
manufacturer or contact our Customer
Service department at