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Cut post sleeve flush to
deck post height. Slip post
sleeve over lumber post.
Sleeve should fit snugly
but have enough room to
allow for expansion of the
wood post.
Determine the angle of the top 2x4 rail.
Lay the top 2x4 rail centered on top of the two posts and mark
angle (see railing orientation) and cut.
Mark and cut the bottom 2x4 rail the same way except that the
orientation of the board is edge wise. The thin edge down.
Place bottom rail on blocks that are cut to the toe sweep height
desired (no less than 2-inches nor greater than 4-inches).
Place baluster with 45-degree cut side against the post sleeve
positioned at the 45-degree corner and sitting against the bottom
rail. Attach it to the post using procedure #5C.
Place a regular baluster against the diagonal baluster, sitting on
bottom rail and attach with three 2¼-inch #7 stainless steel trim
head screws, evenly spaced top to bottom.
Finish with steps #5D through #11 - with the exception of the post
baluster that has been installed already in this 45-degree section
(step #13).
45-Degree Railing